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SUP and Kayak

Beach and Sea Center, Aficionados of Beach and Sea Sports. Our main objective is to promote these sports activities among the entire population. The Beach and Sea Center is open all year round. Sport accessible to all, sustainability and healthy living habits are the premises that this Center proposes to work on. It's a commitment that never ends!

Characterization of Associação Dinamika and Vilamoura Surf Project

Founded in 2006, the non-profit Associação Dinamika is completely aligned with the Loulé Compromisso com Sport initiative. It currently has a diverse range of activities that promote the practice of sport (such as Quarteira Ativa and Surf in schools, Surf for All). In addition to its commitment to sport, Dinamika has always assumed its social responsibility, having played an active role in raising funds, money or sponsorships, through the promotion of initiatives such as Beach Parties, Football Tournaments, among others, which are fully donated to other entities that work directly with the most vulnerable population in the municipality of Loulé. As an example, the delivery of articulated beds and wheelchairs to homes and the monetary contribution for the travel of a child to Mexico for a surgical procedure.

Created in 2007, Vilamoura Surf Project is a surf school inserted in Associação Dinamika. This surf school has the largest number of federated athletes in the middle of a pandemic year (a federation of 90 athletes and more than 130 effective members currently). Also noteworthy is the Olympic athlete Yolanda Hopkins (5th place in the OG Tokyo 2020), who started her sports career at this school and where she remained for her first 7 years of sports training, as well as the athlete Bruno Gregório (Regional Champion under 18 Juvenile Male - 2016 and 2017). This school stands out positively for being located on the south coast of Portugal, where maritime conditions allow the school to operate throughout the year, guaranteeing safety conditions for all levels of practice of the sport.

At the Praia e Mar Center we will promote new modalities/sports not practiced in Quarteira so far. Always with the intention of innovating, with the quality that characterizes us.

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