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Vilamoura Marina

The sound of the masts, the smell of prepared food and laughter in the local pubs; just one more night at the famous Marina de Vilamoura. Capable of berthing over 1000 boats, this is the perfect place for luxury yachts and sailboats from around the world.

The marina has lots of shops, where you can buy everything you need for the beach, souvenirs and Algarve specialties. It is also an excellent place for a pleasant walk, whether by night or day. If it's daytime, remember that the sun can get very hot, but fortunately, there are a number of terraces with shade, where you can enjoy anything, cocktails, tea or simply water.

The Marina connects Praia da Marina and Praia da Falésia, offering a change of scenery, from your lounger on the sand, where you are soaking up the sun, to the ideal place for lunch.


At night, the marina comes alive with people visiting for dinner, a walk or a drink. It is a safe, very peaceful and friendly area, frequented by families.


The IF Vilamoura is ideally located for those wishing to visit Vilamoura's marina and shops, as it is just a 5-minute drive away. We're close enough to the action, while being far enough away to get a peaceful night's sleep.



Visit the Marina Vilamoura website > CLICK HERE

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