Caminho dos Pinhais Lote 4.11.1 A/C

8125-427 Vilamoura

Algarve - Portugal

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Running and Hiking

Vilamoura is the place to be to enjoy the outdoors, get fit and be healthy.  People come here looking for a little more than just a beach holiday.  The area has a number of opportunities to get out walking and running on a daily basis. IF Vilamoura had a premium location to enjoy the outdoor views. Rent this Huge Villa in Algarve and have fun!


Vilamoura is a flat coastal town on the south coast of the Algarve.  The flat topography gives the area miles of enjoyable flat running routes.  With the green of the parks, blue of the sea and yellow of the sand.  The views are constantly changing and always breathtaking.


The central roadway into Vilamoura town centre from the villa is a linear park.  Runners particularly enjoy this route as it has designated outdoor exercise areas.  Exercise areas are designed for stretching and timed workouts; most of which are equipped with drinking stations.


Vilamoura itself offers some fantastic walks.  The town is well furnished with car free walking routes through the parks leading towards the beach.  If you are looking for something further afield then there are a number of signposted walking trails in the surrounding areas.  


São Lourenço Trail

This 4 mile linear trail takes in the serene lagoons and salt marshes of Ria Formosa.  This area is one of the most important wetland ecosystems in the Algarve with protected salt marshes and wading birds.

Paderne Castle Route

This 2.5 mile circular route takes in the historical castle and settlements around Paderne.  Explore the variety and often violent history of what is now the Algarve.  Walk through scented fields with a variety of birds.  

IF Vilamoura provides an ideal base to enjoy the walking and running routes of the local area whether you plan to be out every day or only occasionally.  Click here to book your stay with us.

Exercise and Wellbeing

It’s definitely a lot easier to get outside and exercise when the sun is shining.  That’s why Vilamoura is the ideal holiday destination for people who want to return from their vacation a little healthier, a little more motivated and a lot happier.  Here at Vilamoura we have everything you need to get into shape and enjoy an active break. IF Vilamoura had great facilities you can become active or just to continue your fit journey.