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8125-427 Vilamoura

Algarve - Portugal

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Cycling Vilamoura

Vilamoura is a cycling town.  The bike is a popular mode of transport for getting to the shops, bars, restaurants and the beach.  Road biking is a common sporting pursuit here, whether you want to set a personal best time on your racer or take in the sights on your tourer.  Whatever your two wheeled preference, Vilamoura is the place for you.



Vilamoura has a good network of designated cycle paths and lanes; allowing cyclists to make their way around the town often quicker than in a car.  Not bringing your own bike?  Then rent one of the IF Vilamoura bicycles for your day out.  We offer a town bike for that trip to the shops or beach.  We also have mountain bikes that can be taken further afield to explore the wider area.

The Algarve is predominately flat with well maintained roads; this is why the area is popular with road cyclists.  The sun is regularly shining and the wind is usually light so this is the place to get those legs pumping and crank up the miles.


Here at IF Vilamoura we regularly receive touring cyclists on their travels around Portugal and Europe.  Vilamoura makes an ideal stop for a few days due to the relaxed atmosphere and ample sports shops; useful for resupplying and restocking.